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Ein Missionar zwischen den Kulturen

By Thoralf Klein , Reinhard Zöllner

2005 – Routledge

376 pages

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missions in China and intercultural exchange between East Asia and the West in the 19th century." Peter Vamos in: Acta Orient. Hung. Aus dem Inhalt: THORALF KLEIN und REINHARD ZOLLNER: Einleitung. Karl Gutzlaff als Kulturvermittler REINHARD ZOLLNER: Gutzlaffs Japanreise 1837 und das Bojutsu yumemonogatari. Zur japanischen Fremdenpolitik am Vorabend der "Offnung" PETER MERKER: Gutzlaffs Rolle im Opiumkrieg SYLVIA BRASEL: Missionar aus Uberzeugung, Entdecker mit Marketingtalent: Gutzlaff - der erste Deutsche in Korea HARTMUT WALRAVENS: Karl Gutzlaffs Werke. Bemerkungen zu Rezeption und Wissenstransfer aufgrund der nichtmissionarischen Schriften JESSIE G. and ROLLAND R. LUTZ: Karl Gutzlaff as Propagandist and Fundraiser, 1826-1849 PATRICK DREHER: Eine gemeinsame deutsche Mission fur China? Die Chinesische Stiftung in Kassel und Gutzlaff JOST ZETZSCHE: Gutzlaffs Bedeutung fur die protestantischen Bibelubersetzungen ins Chinesische YOKO NISHINA: Gutzlaffs japanisches Johannesevangelium GERHARD TIEDEMANN: Missionarischer Einzelganger oder Visionar? Die Missionsmethoden Gutzlaffs THORALF KLEIN: Gutzlaff als Vorlaufer einer indigenen chinesischen Kirche? Dokumentation: I. Gutzlaffs Biographie und Konversion II. Gutzlaffs Reisen und sein Eintreten fur den Freihandel III. Gutzlaffs Rolle im und nach dem Opiumkrieg IV. Gutzlaff als Missionar V. Gutzlaff als Linguist und Ubersetzer VI. Gutzlaff und seine Unterstutzer, mit besonderer Berucksichtigung Deutschlands VII. Gutzlaff und der Chinesische Verein VIII. Gutzlaff im Urteil der Nachwelt Glossar - Register - Autorenverzeichnis

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Das Collegium Sinicum zu Neapel und seine Umwandlung in ein Orientalisches Institut

Martino Martini S.J. und die Chinamission im 17. Jahrhundert

Gottfried von Laimbeckhoven S.J. (1707-1787)


Die chinesische Sprache

From China to Taiwan

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CHOICE – Outstanding Academic Title – Award Winner

CHOICE – 2018 Outstanding Academic Title – Award Winner

Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award Winner

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North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

The formal agreement, or treaty, among Canada, Mexico, and the United States to promote trade amongst the three countries. It includes measures for the elimination of tariffs and nontariff barriers to trade, as well as numerous specific provisions concerning the conduct of trade and investment.


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Replaced the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system in 1997 as the industry classification system used by the statistical agencies of the United States. Under NAICS, economic units that use like processes to produce goods or services are grouped together, creating a "production-oriented" system. NAICS codes are assigned by the Economic Classification Policy Committee at the U.S. Census Bureau. For more information, see the NAICS website.

The Deal: $15 for one hour of unlimited bellinis, Bloody marys, or rum punches. Does not include the price of food.

Photo: Daniel Krieger

Café Cortadito

East Village

The capital of East Village party-time brunch: the music is loud, the people are drunk, and the ingenious invention that is the champagne mojito is a thing that’s on the menu. After a few drinks, the Latin-influenced food even tastes pretty solid.

The Deal: $31.95 for 1.5 hours of unlimited tropical mimosas, red or white sangrias, champagne mojitos, champagne margaritas, Bloody Marys, and house beer. Includes the price of food.

Photo: Noah Devereaux
East Village
Rating Coming Soon

Poco is a loud, crowded, and fun spot for party time brunch. Thirty dollars will get you an entree, plus unlimited mimosas, Bloody Marys, and sangria. You probably aren’t coming here for the food, but the Latin twists on brunch basics will get the job done. Take note: it’s cash only.

The Deal: $32 for 1.5 hours of bottomless mimosas, Bloody Marys, or sangria.

Photo: Aaron Boldt

Scottadito Osteria Toscana

Park Slope
Rating Coming Soon

Park Slope: land of strollers, overpriced grocery stores, and brunch. Lots and lots of brunch. And yet, despite the high volume of eggs and pancakes in the neighborhood, there is only one bottomless brunch worthy of your time here. The next your friend who somehow lives in a brownstone invites you to brunch in Park Slope, direct yourselves to Scottadito. Because the only thing better than pasta for brunch is pasta and unlimited mimosas for brunch.

The Deal: $24.95 for 1.5 hours of bottomless mimosas. Includes the price of food.

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San Marzano

East Village
Rating Coming Soon

Think of San Marzano as entry-level drunk brunch. The vibe here on weekend mornings is very chill, but enjoyably so. The food is also incredibly reasonable – the egg dishes and paninis max out at $9.

The Deal: Bottomless mimosas for a $10 addition to your meal.

CK14 - The Crooked Knife

West Village
Rating Coming Soon

The Crooked Knife is the rare average-food establishment you can actually enjoy because every other aspect is way above average. The staff is friendly (no small feat, especially when everyone is drunk by 1pm), they take reservations for groups both small and large, the environment is “cute” and comfortable, the drinks are strong, and there’s a great outdoor patio. If you’re in the bottomless brunch market for the overall experience more so than the food (AKA every time you’re in the bottomless brunch market), The Crooked Knife is a great choice.


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Intelligent Machines

Automakers and tech companies are racing to bring safer and more useful smartphone-style interfaces to cars. Can any of them go further and reprogram vehicles completely?

Where would you like to go?” Siri asked.

It was a sunny, slightly dreamy morning in the heart of Silicon Valley, and I was sitting in the passenger seat of what seemed like a perfectly ordinary new car. There was something strangely Apple-like about it, though. There was no mistaking the apps arranged across the console screen, nor the deadpan voice of Apple’s virtual assistant, who, as backseat drivers go, was pretty helpful. Summoned via a button on the steering wheel and asked to find sushi nearby, Siri read off the names of a few restaurants in the area, waited for me to pick one, and then showed the way on a map that appeared on the screen.

50 Smartest Companies, 2015

The vehicle was, in fact, a Hyundai Sonata. The Apple-like interface was coming from an iPhone connected by a cable. Most carmakers have agreed to support software from Apple called CarPlay, as well as a competing product from Google, called Android Auto, in part to address a troubling trend: according to research from the National Safety Council, a nonprofit group, more than 25 percent of road accidents are a result of a driver’s fiddling with a phone. Hyundai’s car, which goes on sale this summer, will be one of the first to support CarPlay, and the carmaker had made the Sonata available so I could see how the software works.

This story is part of our July/August 2015 Issue

CarPlay certainly seemed more intuitive and less distracting than fiddling with a smartphone behind the wheel. Siri felt like a better way to send texts, place calls, or find directions. The system has obvious limitations: if a phone loses the signal or its battery dies, for example, it will stop working fully. And Siri can’t always be relied upon to hear you correctly. Still, I would’ve gladly used CarPlay in the rental car I’d picked up at the San Francisco airport: a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta. There was little inside besides an air-conditioning unit and a radio. The one technological luxury, ironically, was a 30-pin cable for an outdated iPhone. To use my smartphone for navigation, I needed a suction mount, an adapter for charging through the cigarette lighter, and good eyesight. More than once as I drove around, my iPhone came unstuck from the windshield and bounced under the passenger seat.

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